Second complaint for Duterte impeachment. Alejano: Sweet deals compromised Filipino position. Betraying public trust by weak-kneed approach.

Second complaint by Alejano.

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It seems that Magdalo Rep. Gary Alejano wants to ensure that Duterte is impeached somehow or the other. Not obviously satisfied by the submission of the first complaint for impeachment against the President, he added a supplementary too.

Consequently, last Thursday he filed before the Secretary General another supplemental impeachment complaint that concerned Duterte’s foreign policy. The policy pertains to the disputed Panatag Shoal, the West Philippine Sea and the Benham Rise.

He blames Duterte of indulging in secret and sweet deals with China. By so doing, he claims that the President has jeopardized the interests of the nation. Therefore, it is tantamount to betrayal of trust of the public which is an impeachable offense under of the constitution.

The second complaint follows the first one which had alleged graft and corruption in his official functioning. In this complaint, Alejano claims that his actions had caused irreparable damage to the enforcement of Filipino rights.

Thus, the Secretary General of the House of Representatives will be taking a decision on the further course of action.

Thus, Alejano alleges that, due to the President’s approach, the Philippines will not be able to enforce its claims. Furthermore, he alleges that the President had fallen into a cunning trap set by the Chinese.

Hence, the President is responsible for dereliction of duties entrusted to him by the constitution of the Philippines. It was his duty to assert the supremacy and the rights of the nation over the disputed waters.

But, he chose inaction and almost surrendered the sovereign maritime rights of the three territories.
Therefore, the territorial waters awarded by the International Tribunal on the Laws of the Seas (ITLOS) came to naught. His failure to assert

Alejano lamented that the golden opportunity afforded by the international Tribunal’s judgment was frittered away. Asserting their right over Benham Rise, Panatag (Scarborough) Shoal and the rest of the West Philippine Sea in the South China Sea may become that difficult.

In case the Filipinos hesitated to occupy these territories, the Chinese will take advantage. The country may never get back such precious parts of the nation unless we occupy them now.

The President seems bent upon to surrender Filipino properties to China in exchange for China’s loans, investments, and goodwill. Such a week-kneed approach may send the wrong signals to the Chinese leadership. Moreover, the country will be in China’s debt.

To an onlooker, it seems that the President has lost the race to the Chinese out of fear, Alejano stated. God forbid, if we are unable to repay the loans, we will not be able to make a stand.

This is a situation no Filipino would like to see.

Thus, by filing the two complaints for impeachment, Alejano has made some serious charges against the President of the Philippines. But, whether these allegations prove the charges as required by the constitution is another.

Consequently, the ball of justice is now in the court of the Secretary General of the House of Representatives. This decision of his might be the reason for severe upheavals in the nation.

If he says yes, the President may face impeachment proceedings. But, these will also invite protracted legal battles about the validity of the decision either way.

In case he says no, Alejano and other opponents of the President might go in for litigations to challenge his decision.

Thus, the allegations are:
1. Culpable Violation of the Constitution of the Philippines,
2. Bribery and Corruption,
3. Betrayal of public trust,
4. A variety of high crimes including killings and deaths due to the war on drugs and
5. Causing extrajudicial deaths by exhorting the vigilantes of the Davao Death Squads.

Alejano taunted the President promised to Jet Ski to assert Filipino maritime rights. But, wisdom demands that the Philippines cannot throw its weight around where China is concerned.

Furthermore, the Philippines cannot do anything in spite of reports that China was building a monitoring station on Panatag shoal. Alejano does not realize that plunging the world into a bloody war is unwarranted.

Moreover, imagine the misery and the loss of Filipino lives since the war will take place here. Hence, a war will cost Filipino lives while making the Philippines a battle ground.

History does not forgive the loser. Logically what Alejano may appeal to the pride but caution is required.
Therefore, the need of the hour is for Duterte to be transparent in his deals with China.

But, it is not possible to divulge some matters of vital importance.

In conclusion, exercising caution in governance is not an impeachable offense.

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Umrao Singh
Written for: Lars-Magnus Carlsson