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Senator Pacquiao’s comeback bout

PICS Courtesy: Wikipedia and Getty Images

PICS Courtesy: Wikipedia and Getty Images

Whenever a former sportsperson wants to give it another try, a lot of eyebrows are raised and quite a few tongues start wagging with almost half the country becoming experts on the subject of boxing in general and comebacks in particular.

So also was the case when Boxer turned first time Senator Manny Pacquiao’s announced his decision to again take up a career in competitive boxing with a bout later this year.

And, it is barely a week away from the showdown that is due n the 5th of November 2016. However, most of the clamor was due to the boxer being one of our very own.

But, the verdict of the general public, including lovers and practitioners of the game was, more or less vertically divided; while the majority of those with limited insight lamenting that Manny might bite the dust since he has been out of action for too long.

Personal decision

However, the opinions of the well groomed sports fraternity was more balanced; it had the right amount of reasoning backed by their years of dabbling in the sport.

Hence, it came as no surprise when the most outstanding boxing commentator, the veteran Larry merchant stood up for the fighter who will take on Jessie Vargas on the 5th of November.

The veteran commentator quoted the various reasons which made the Senator’s decision to come out of retirement because he missed the call of the boxing ring; this was a feeling which all boxers cherished no end and that was the reason most of the sportspersons normally chose to come out of the wilderness of retirement.

In fact, this decision of Pacquiao to accept the opportunity to come back to active boxing has been welcome by many a known fighters and official who know the game well.

He added that it was not as if the Filipino was a spent force; it was his considered opinion that the Filipino superstar had it in him to stage a creditable comeback.

Whether it is going to be hailed as a great comeback for the iconic Filipino will soon be known; the fight is barely a week ago. He went ahead and decimated the opinion of all the detractors of Pacquiao’s comeback bid; according to him, it was the personal decision of the sportsman to say whether he is fit and willing to make a creditable return to active boxing.

In fact, he went so far as to quote his own personal example since he himself had made a comeback bid and time proved that it was a sound decision. Prior to his retirement from active commentating, Merchant was the sports analyst for the HBO for a long duration of time.

But the lure of his profession was too strong to resist; that is why her had made a creditable comeback that added to his fame as a boxing commentator.

He also expressed the opinion that we may soon see a repeat of the Pacquiao – Mayweather bout all over again and it may not be a very distant event.
Some sentimental people had gone on to levy the allegations that, by returning to the ring again, Pacquiao had actually gone back on his word in April after having defeated Bradley.
There were other objections to his comeback bid including the insinuations that the senator may not be able to justify holding his public office since he may not be able to devote that much time to his duties as a Senator. But, the boxer turned public servant showed that he was made of sterner and grittier stuff when he did not neglect his public duties.

Commitment and conviction

To assure his countrymen, Pacquiao started training at a gym that was in the vicinity of his Senate office in Pasay City; thus, he was able to train for a good period of time daily and still attending his Senatorial responsibilities too.

The other argument put forth by Larry merchant was that he had been quite competent in his fight against Bradley; so great was his domination over the American that Pacquiao was able to knock him down twice.

Hence, it no surprise to anyone, except his detractors, that Pacquiao emerged as a deserving victor in an emphatic win. This reasoning was the handiwork of the seasoned campaigner and thinker that Merchant is known to be.

That is why,. Seeing the total domination of Pacquiao in that fight, he was at a loss to understand as to why Pacquiao would want to stay away from the sport when he had it in him to earn millions of dollars in a ring.

The great analyst that Larry is known to be, he stated that it would be interesting to see the fight closely to ascertain how Pacquiao is likely to perform with a boxer who is a decade younger to him.

Merchant, who is considered the best mind in the sport also went on to predict that, if Manny was able to perform creditably in his comeback bout against Vargas, who is a good boxer, then there was a likelihood of him scaling greater heights in the near future.

However, Larry Merchant was also noncommittal as to what could be the outcome of the fight; he said finally that he would not be prepared to take sides as to who will win on the 5th of November 2016.


Umrao singh

Thursday, 27 October 2016
Written for: Lars-Magnus Carlsson