Dana Vollmer pregnant but competing. Seven Olympic medals including five Gold.

Can pregnant swimmers compete?

PICS: freeimages.com and Inquirer.net

PICS: freeimages.com and Inquirer.net

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Olympic Gold medal winners are a rare breed; the feats of each of them make interesting reading. A closer scrutiny of all the travails and hard work will reveal a life of struggle, losses and victories.

Moreover, competing and coming up trumps looks quite attractive to the beholder. The sweat, the heartbreaks and the toil is normally not really visible.
The bottom-line would be that the champions have that special something in them that separates them from the crowd.
Dana Vollmer of the United States of America is made of just such stuff. The hunger for Olympic gold and other medals seems to be insatiable since even her pregnancy cannot keep her away.

This is her second pregnancy and she is not the first lady to dare compete while in the family way. This American swimmer is 5 months in her second pregnancy but raring to go and compete next month.

The previous feat by a pregnant athlete was Alysia Montano who was 34 weeks pregnant. At the 2014 U.S. championships, she participated in the 800 m race.

She indicated through her Instagram post that she would be going for the swimming competition in spite of her condition. The event is the Pro Swim Series event in Mesa, Arizona, the mother-to-be-in-July declared.

Furthermore, she declared the event too; it is the 50 m freestyle she revealed.

She revealed that it had been so long that she started getting dreams about participating in swimming competitions. Therefore, she will compete in the Mesa Arena Pro Swim Series.

She even bagged a gold medal in the 2012 London Olympics. She had also taken a two-year sabbatical from competitive swimming when it was time for her first pregnancy.

Her son, Arlen, was born on March 6, 2015.

She then participated in the Rio Olympics last year and bagged two more medals at that meet. She is now the proud owner of seven medals including five gold ones.

The Rio Olympics fetched her three medals which included a Silver medal and a Bronze. She then helped the United States 4x100m medley team to bag a relay gold.

Expecting her second child in July, Vollmer hoped she could participate in the 2020 Olympics; her fourth.

Moreover, this was her first time competing when pregnant; she was undergoing complete bed rest during her first pregnancy.

• Vollmer was the Gold medal winner at Athens Olympics,
• Then, there was a gap of eight years,
• The London Olympics in 2012 gave her three Gold medals,

This included a World record performance in the 100-meter butterfly,

• She again bagged three medals at the Rio Olympics including one Gold, One silver and a bronze.

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Umrao Singh
Written for: Lars-Magnus Carlsson
Saturday, April 01, 2017