Phase 2 of war on drugs not as bloody as before. Emphasis on big fish to curb drugs operations.

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The war on drugs has taken much more than a nation by storm; it shook the very foundations of democracy. Moreover, it almost nullified the alliance with the United States with much bitterness and mudslinging.
Right from the United Nations downwards they tried to sully the name of President Duterte and held him responsible. They blamed him for controlling the Davao Death Squads (DDS), and encouraging vigilantes to kill without restraint.
They still blame him for being the cause of so many deaths due to his encouragement to the vigilante killings. But, the President just went about his task stepping on quite a few toes enraging diplomats, the Pontiff and many others.

But, he let it run as long as it was sustainable; the initial mayhem took care of the hardcore elements. The government achieved the major aim of the task by the time the New Year arrived. The intense actions gradually fizzled out.

Then came the incident that shook the war against drug off its hinges. South Korean businessman Jee-Ick joo was abducted and murdered by police. The most alarming fact was that it happened right

Duterte could not digest this and immediately withdrew his war on illegal drugs. However, the administration again launched the second edition of the war on drugs.

But, it is “Project Double Barrel Alpha, Reloaded”; now, last month’s activities show that there is lesser amount of bloodshed.

There are three reasons mainly:
• The undisciplined elements have either surrendered or have been taken care of;
• The locals being a major part of the operations have revised their operational strategies, and
• Those accosted by the police do not offer much resistance knowing that it is futile.

The Police Chief, Dela Rosa addressed a press conference to give out the figures pertaining to this project. He revealed that in the last one month only 107 deaths had occurred in police operations.

This was a relatively lower rate than that in the first eight months of the war on drugs.

Dela Rosa revealed the current figures for the past month; they are:
• 578,246 houses visited / searched,
• 4173 sorties under Project Double Alpha Reloaded,
• 7940 arrests, and
• 71620 people surrendered.

However, there marked is a change in the shift of government operations. Having had enough of grassroots level arrests, they are now hunting for the big fish.

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Umrao Singh
Written for: Lars-Magnus Carlsson
Monday, April 10, 2017