Wesley So is World No. 4 :: Gains ELO rating of 2803.2 at London Chess Classic

Wesley So in amazing form.

PICS Courtesy: thehuffingtonpost.com

PICS Courtesy: thehuffingtonpost.com

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The Philippines has been a nurturing ground for chess players and has boasted of a sizable number of Chess enthusiasts for a long time. Even Wesley So, a Super Grandmaster playing in the United States team has a link to the Filipino homeland in that he was born in the Philippines.

This amazing player continues to make a dent in the rankings at the highest level and added another feather to his oft-decorated cap; this time around he has breached the ELO rating of 2800. He achieved this distinction when he defeated Michael Adams in the currently underway London Chess Classic.

He had earlier defeated his own teammate from the United States Hikaru Nakamura, this has resulted in So reaching another personal milestone of his career and reaching 2803.2 as his live rating.

Thus he became only the 12th person to breach 2800 in the ELO ratings while catapulting himself to the 4th spot in the world rankings; the leader board for the world Chess ranking was as follows:
1. Magnus Carlsen (2840), he is the reigning champion,
2. Fabiano Caruana (2826.2) USA board 1 player,
3. Vladimir Kramnik of Russia (2813), and
4. Wesley So (2803).

The Philippines-born So overtook Maxime Vachier-Lagrave of France (2797.9) to achieve this landmark of his career; he had earlier annexed the Gold Medal at this year’s Chess Olympiad that was held at Baku, Azerbaijan; riding on the back of his performance USA was unstoppable in the Olympiad.
It is suggested that, if Wesley So is able to continue his dream run and his amazing form to the London Chess Classic, he may well emerge as the overall champion of this year’s tour.

The London Chess Classic is the final leg of the Grand Chess Tour 2016 and much is expected of this 23 year old; this remarkable tour started in Paris and then moved on to Leuven in Belgium followed by St. Louis, Missouri.

Wesley So has been in great form while topping the St. Louis leg of the tournament to garner 13 points that enhanced his total to 30 and brought him earnings of $120,000; he thus held a lead of 7 points (at 30) overtaking Magnus Carlsen who stood at 23 points since the latter did not participate in the USA part of the tournament.

Carlsen holds the record for the highest ever ELO rating of 2889.2 while Gary Kasparov was pegged at 2856.7; thus, So’s rating of 2803.2 stood at 11th all-time best.

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