Five super foods that can prevent cancer


Cancer is a often-fatal disease that starts at the core of the human i.e. in the cells which are the basic unit ; it is seen to be a process where the cells start growing rapidly.  The tenacious fight between the dreaded disease called Cancer and the world-wide medical community continues at a very high level but, while insights have been developed, there is no identified conclusive and guaranteed treatment.

Many claims and studies later, we are able to make a dent in most cases where the detection is early and the course of treatment suits the particular case. But, along the way, while dealing with millions of cases, medical science has arrived at certain conclusions which have stood the test of time in alleviating the suffering of Cancer patients and, in a majority of cases, have succeeded in ensuring the longevity of the patient.

Patients diagnosed with Cancer, who did not stand much of a chance to survive earlier, are now in with a bright chance of survival. The insights gained along the line have led to a deep knowledge on the subject; this knowledge has equipped medical science with conclusive evidence that certain, controlled habits may prevent cancer.

One of the major roles is seen to be played by our lifestyle like exercise, sleeping habits and what we consume; the scientific community has discovered that there are certain foods which have certain constituents and chemicals that have Cancer-resistant properties.

The lifestyle habits that are responsible for encouraging Cancer are:

  • Smoking, chewing tobacco, betel nut etc,
  • Excessive drinking,
  • A sedentary life without any exercise, and
  • Consumption of the wrong types of foods that encourage cancer.

Hence, it is absolutely essential to pay a minimum attention to your overall health in general, and your eating habits in particular because these are aspects that may aid you in preventing Cancer altogether.

Basics of the fight against cancer with respect to food habits are as follows:

  • Consume foods which are having high nutritional value while providing your body with adequate amount of minerals and vitamins; this will equip your body to be capable of fighting off the Cancerous effects by performing the required healing,


The importance of getting the required amount of sleep has been stressed in almost all the streams of medical science; the fact remains that sleeping is a biological process which is a necessity since all the vital organs of the body including the brain are in a state of rest. This is the time when the system performs the healing and repairs of the affected parts unhindered,


  • The remarkable advances in medical science have identified many foods and chemicals which are increasing the risk of Cancer because they promote growth of the cancerous cells; these have to be stopped,


  • It is a wise and beneficial step to conduct a periodic detoxing of your body; this will help your body to remove certain elements that promote growth while removing exogenous substances or organisms that initiate tumors,


  • Get regular medical checkups with particular emphasis on the functioning of your Thyroid since a lethargic Thyroid is a major reason for Cancer,


  • Cancer research has shown that the western foods styles are loaded with items that contribute to a higher incidence of acidity eventually leading to Cancer; hence, it is of utmost importance to ensure that your body is alkalized frequently,


  • The oxidation process is also a major culprit since Cancer treatments let loose some dangerous substances; anti-oxidants are inescapable to rid your body of free radicals. Side –effects are also minimized by anti-oxidants,


  • As far as possible, the effort should be to resort to the use of herbal and natural foods like fruits and vegetables that help in the healing process naturally.


Cancer-preventing foods are part of the same foods that we consume, mostly without the knowledge or intent to fight Cancer.

The top five superfoods that are thought to prevent Cancer are as follows:

  1. Broccoli: The Sulforaphane content of this awesome vegetable is the highest among the vegetables; the immune system is helped by eradicating cancer-forming chemicals.

Fights: Cancer of the Stomach, Bladder, Lungs, Liver, Breasts, Skin and prostate glands.


  1. Tomatoes: Tomatoes are widely and invariably used in all kitchens; they loaded with a carotenoid called Lycopene which has been proved to stop endometrial cancerous growths.

Fights: Cancers of the Lungs, Stomach, Prostate and endometrial cancers.


  1. Walnuts: contain Phytosterols which aid in restricting the Estrogen receptors in cases of breast cancers.

Fights: Prostate and Breast Cancers.


  1. Berries: are loaded with the most beneficial Phytonutrients. They contain Anthocyanins, a phytochemical which prevent or restrict malignance while stopping the formation of new blood vessels.

Fights:Oral, Oesophageal, Skin and colon cancers.


  1. Garlic: has been very highly regarded in all streams of medicine; they get rid of carcinogens and nitrosamines of the stomach.

Fights: Colon, Stomach, Oesophageal and Breast Cancers.


Author: Umrao Singh