Chinese Authorities Seizes 100,000 Tons of 40-Year Old Expired Meat

Another food scandal news rocked China after authorities confiscated 100,000 of expired meat while waiting to be shipped to Hong Kong. Officials said the meat – including pig trotters from 1970s, and chicken 1980s, had begun to decompose.

According to Live Leak, the smuggled meat first came under scrutiny about a month ago. A total of 3 billion Yuan or $484 million dollar contraband was seized by China’s customs according to the report.

GB Times reported that all of the meat products are expired, and the oldest ones were produced as early as 1967.

This year, the Chinese government launched a crackdown on beef and other frozen meat smuggling, in addition to a campaign last year to stamp out the smuggling of farm products. In February, state news agency Xinhua reported that 33 suspects had been arrested for importing beef illegally in one crackdown.

The latest bust took place this month across 14 provinces and regions, resulting in the arrest of 14 gangs charged with importing products that pose “huge health risks”, the General Administration of Customs said.

“It was smelly, and I nearly threw up when I opened the door,” said Zhang Tao, an administration official.

“What if the frozen meat had some kind of virus? Those merchants only chase profits and don’t care about anything else. I hope they receive a severe punishment,” said another, named Youthfulness Small.

Six hundred seventy tons (670) of the said “zombie meat” had already been destroyed by the Chinese government.

Health experts still couldn’t imagine the dangers if the decomposing meat reached the market and consumed by people.

China is known to produce fake, poisonous, and dangerous foods, and the discovery of these “zombie meats” is just another slap to the communist country and its lose regulations on food safety.

/Adrian Lee/