Five important reasons for starting Yoga



The Earth is always active and keeps going round and round and round; this tendency seems to find a reflection in our own lives and routines.

Life is not what it was a few years ago; there is an almighty rush in the lives of all, from children to octogenarians, since there is severe competition in every phase and activity of life.

This gives rise to a variety of stresses of various types and degrees depending on the individual; the manifestation and its effect depends on the mental makeup, tenacity of the mind and physical soundness of the individual.

Yoga is one of the most ready answers to all your physical, mental and spiritual shortcomings or ailments; it has been practiced for more than five thousand years by the hermits and sages to enable your individual spirit to attain oneness the universal spirit.

It is actually a regimen of some simple and many complex routines of:

1. Physical exercises:

which involves a series of bending, stretching, turning, and twisting routines so that there is a complete overhaul of:

a) All the parts of the body
b) All the joints of the body
c) The viscera and internal organs

2. Breathing Techniques:

otherwise called Pranayam, is a regimen of controlling your breathing in a studied manner so that it practice provides you with the following advantages:

a) It rejuvenates the mind and body by ensuring proper supply of Oxygen to the brain and he blood; this helps in keeping your physical assets like brain, the viscera and all the parts of your body

b) These techniques are instrumental in allowing you to control the vital life force called Prana.

Pranayam is normally complemented by physical exercises of Yoga for maximizing benefits.

3.    Meditation:

this is another associated the study of the deepening of concentration leading to serene calmness and tranquility to the mind and is perfected over time by a trained mind.



1.   Reduces stress / weight

Practicing yoga and Pranayam regularly is a great reliever of stress and helps a person relax by providing a stable mind and body which results in you having a healthy mind in a healthy body; once the effect of its benefits sets in, you will find that your outlook is balanced and rational.

It helps to relax the stiff muscles and joints to ensure their effectiveness while also allowing a person to lose weight and undesirable fat and toxins.

2.   Tones up

There are people like me who have not sweated profusely since ages; sweating is one of the vital functions of the body and not only helps in getting rid of excessive unwanted salts and toxins from your body, it also keeps the pores of your skin to help them breathe.

All the muscles derive immediate benefits like making them strong, flexible while providing strength and improving the circulation of blood supply to all the constituents of your anatomy.

The Yogic exercises are designed through 5000 years of practice and perfecting.

3.   Improves Heart / Circulation / Lung power

Lungs: There are multiple benefits to be derived from Yoga; while it provides suppleness and strengthens the joints and muscular structure; by adopting the breathing techniques, apart from getting a sense of peace, it also enhances the important power and functioning of the lungs while also allowing you to eventually be able to control your breathing for good health and longevity.

Heart:  The human heart is the most hardworking organ of the body since it pumps the blood throughout your body which carries important nutrition to your body parts. A stress-free heart is importan5 for ensuring longevity in a world wherein a majority of deaths die o heart-related problems.

Circulation: The circulation of your body is also a vital need of the body; a healthy body, mind and muscles ensure proper circulation of blood.

4.   Lowers Blood Pressure / Inflammation

Blood Pressure:

Long-term BP may damage the blood vessels while damaging the Heart. The blood pressure can also be kept under control due to the stability of all vital functions in the body; in Yoga here are certain exercises that keep the BP under check.


Stress-related inflammation of the digestive tract can be radically reduced through a regular practice of Yoga.

5.   Enables vital functions

Supporting sleep:

A healthy body and mind are the ideal combination to enable a person to relax and be able to sleep well; the complete overhaul and repairs are conducted mostly during sleep.
The joy of getting up refreshed is amazing.


Author: Umrao Singh