SPORTS: Olympics, Doping action gets tougher for weightlifters

International Weightlifting Federation Doping

The International Weightlifting Federation has come out an, for the first time, named the offenders of the London Olympics who were banned due to doping charges; this list of banned silver medalists included Russian Alexandr Ivanov.

The results revealed the level of doping that is rampant these days; it resulted in the temporary suspension of as many as 11 lifters who tested positive for the presence of banned substances in their samples.

The list has been posted on their website.

These 11 athletes were part of a list of 45 contestants who had been found at fault for consumption of banned performance enhancing drugs; this was the second wave of such testing on the samples that had been collected and stored ever since the 2008 and the 2012 versions of the Olympic games by the International Olympic committee.

It is stated that more than one hundred Russian athletes have been found responsible for taking such banned drugs; all these culprits have been suspended after the discovery of immense proportions.

It seems to be the first case wherein an organized racket for systematically doping the athletes in more than 30 disciplines of games and sports; what’s more, the culprits behind the whole doping scam were the Sports authorities from Russia who had been running this well-organized doping system since a long time.

The silver-medalists banned were Alexandr Ivanov, Svetlana Tzarukaeva and Nataliya Zabolotnaya; the bronze medalists were Armenia’s Hripsime Khurshydyan, Bulgarian Iryna Kulesha and Christina Iovu of Moldovia.

Four Gold Medals, Four Silver medals, and Five Bronze medalists from the podium finishers in the London Olympics find themselves disgraced due to this doping scandal.

Participants in the Beijing Olympic Games held in 2008 who were found using banned drugs to enhance their performance to get a podium finish were:

  • One Gold Medalist,
  • Two Silver Medalists, and
  • Two Bronze Medalists.


It is stated that there are likely to be more discoveries shortly from the 2008 and 2012 events. The suspensions on account of doping violations are automatically imposed whenever some banned substances are discovered.

To have a better impact in its follow-up, IWF has banned Bulgaria for being a habitual offender and has issued a stern warning to Kazakhstan, Russia, and Belarus.

Moldova, Azerbaijan, North Korea, Uzbekistan and Romania have been penalized by curtailing the number of athletes that they can send to Rio.

Umrao Singh                                           

Written for:  Lars-Magnus Carlsson