OLYMPIC GAMES: Ian Lariba, Qualifies for Olympics in Table Tennis


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The La Salle University player Ian Lariba has done the nation proud by achieving the rare distiction of being the maiden Pinoy to be
amongst the high and mighty players who will be vying for top honors at the Rio Olympics come August 2016.

Thus, the distinguished career of this amazing Filipino player has reached a point where she is headed towards greatness and a chance to rub shoulders with the elite players of
women’s Table Tennis in the world. While her performance will be closely watched by all the Filipinos across the globe the need of the hour is to support this youngster in all ways.

Yayyan lariba has been accumulating laurels all along her career and she was able to maintain an unbeaten streak in the UAAP tournament when she last played in it.

Today, she is a proud contestant headed to Rio summer Olympics and the sky is the limit; while a good performance is expected from her, you need
more than just sheer luck to emerge as a claimant for the top honors.

It is always a dream for top players to appear in top tournaments where the world’s best players including the dominant Chinese who have proved their supremacy in the paddle game.

So, to an extent she has been able to penetrate the Iron Curtain of Table Tennis and have a go. Her dream has come true partly, the first step in the thousand-mile journey has been taken,

But, succeeding at the highest level is also fraught with hurdles and difficulties; she almost missed the bus due to financial constraints coming in her way.

The authorities declined the budget for the players and they were in a fix. While all concerned were all praise and encouragement about her
performance, they would add a simple line indicationg that they were helpless in approving the required budget.

It was a collective effort of the whole table tennis fraternity that finally allowed the player to make the journey to play the qualifiers; and, the rest is history.
She ended up qualifying for the Rio Olympics, an awesome first for a Filipino.

There was also an irritating clash between the Final fixtures of the DLSU tournaments and the Asian qualifiers for the coveted Olympics;
but, it was her coach who kept cajoling her to make an attempt since he was convinced of her talent and her bright chances to qualify.

The reasoning offered by her cvoach was that the number of slots on offer from the Asian circuit were quite encouraging; a total of eleven slots were available.

Besides, the structure of the tournament was very refined and provided for a second chance to those who fail at the first attempt.
Simply stated, there are five regions in the Asian qualifiers out of which the winner of the first knockout round get a qualification ticket directly.

The losers all get knocked out but they still have a chance to have a second go by playing against each other for the remaining six slots.
Ian Lariba was the qualifier from the second stage after she had lost in the first knockout stage.

Thus, the wisdom of providing a second chance to the other players is a mechanisn to ensure that true talent is not sidelined due to a chance loss.

In the second round of the qualifiers she defeated got the better of her opponents to book a berth nin the Rio Olympics slated to be held in August this year.

Rio is not far

The coach and many other Pinoys are offering her all kinds of support so that when she faces her formidable adversaries, she will be a force to
reckon with; physical exercises and a mixture of time-tested and latest techniques are being employed to prepare her game and strategy to match the best in the world.

She is also being trained to strengthen her mental makeup to meet the higher requirements like mental tenacity and remaining firm in tough situations.

Yanyan Lariba seeks to overcome the feeling that is so common in underdogs; that allows you to fight the renowned players without any complexes.

She claims that her coach had more belief in her capabilities than she herself had. She is of the opinion that it was her family, friends and other
supporters and sports authorities who are responsible for her reaching this pedestal.

The table tennis event will be held in Rio between August 5th to 21st later this year. We at thephilippinepride.com are sure she will excel and keep the Filipino flag fluttering with pride.

Author: Umrao singh