Jerwin Ancajas snatches IBF Super Flyweight title Beats McJoe Arroyo in one-sided bout

Jerwin Ancajas took the world of Philippines boxing by storm after bagging the Super flyweight championship with a brilliant dominating display of his superior boxing skills against McJoe Arroyo of Puerto Rico on Saturday.
The victory that crowned him the Super Flyweight Champion of the World came up in the seventh round of his bout in the IBF Flyweight Championship that was being conducted at the Jurado Hall.
Ancajas, who hails from Cavite, had started off quite aggressively and, after having dominated the champion bout for most of the earlier rounds, the Filipino boxer floored the Puerto Rican in the sixth round and enjoyed a knockdown in the seventh round to give a measure of his superior punching prowess.
Again, in the ninth round, the Puerto Rican was brought down by Ancajas but it was turned down and ruled as a slip by one of the referees, Gene del Blanco.
And, his totally overshadowing his opponent, the Puerto Rican McJoe Arroyo, was almost like the ball-possession percentage of the German football playing with a third world country; he kept on harassing his opponent and punishing him throughout the duration of the fight even after round ninth.
So complete was the stunning rout of the champion that, when the fight ended, Jerwin Ancajas had garnered all the points and earned a unanimous decision of points from all the referees.
When it all came to an end, it was a foregone conclusion as to who was the ultimate winner; and, as expected, the Filipino had marked a good run with victory,
The final analysis
In the final scoring by the three referees had scored Ancajas a unanimous winner on points; the scores were (Ancajas first):
118 : 109
115 : 112
117 : 110
It was a bit of an anti-climax for some since the defender of the title was supposed up to a much better fight; Arroyo had captured had captured the title only last year i.e. in July 2015 and should have trained harder considering that this was his first title defense.

Joven Jimenez, who is Ancajas’ trainer felt that as soon as Ancajas got his jab established in the very first round he realized that we were going to be on the winning side.

The 23 year old newly crowned champion Ancajas had been fighting only for an amount of $ 3750 out of the total purse of $2500 while Arroyo got $ 21250 for defending his title.

However, the Filipino was not perturbed on that score since earning the title would entitle him to higher shares of the booty as the defending champion.

On the other hand, the losing champion was trying to cover up his failure by attempting to pick up a brawl with the winner.

The career record of Jerwin Ancajas now stands at 25 – 1 -1 with 16 knockouts; on winning the title, the new champion dedicated his win to his home province of Davao which suffered an explosion yesterday. He has won his last 12 bouts in a row.

For Arroyo, this was the first defeat of his professional career and his record now stands at 17 – 1.

Umrao singh

Sunday, 04 September 2016
Written for: Lars-Magnus Carlsson