Hontiveros accuses Aguirre of conspiracy. Identify the photographer who took images : Aguirre. Aguirre files criminal and ethics case.

Conspiracy against Hontiveros?

PICS: ABS-CBN and Inquirer.net

PICS: ABS-CBN and Inquirer.net

Monday saw Senator Risa Hontiveros and Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II in a verbal spat in a Senate hearing. The occasion was the Senate hearing on the spate of killings in the country.
Hontiveros accused Aguirre of deliberately plotting to file charges against her, she said. In fact, his attempts were efforts to deflect attention from real issues.
In addition, she elaborated that the Justice Secretary’s plot was based on a copy of his text messages. Pertaining to last September, the mess party was the Congressman Jing. Later, she learnt that the messaging was with Jacinto Paras the former Representative of Negros Oriental.
Therefore, she stated, the core of the matter is that the justice Secretary was conspiring against her. In effect. He was exhorting an outsider to foist litigation on a fellow Senator.
The Secretary claimed that she had breached his right to privacy since Hontiveros had gained access to the conversation illegally.
Aguirre had filed a criminal case against Hontiveros which she cited in the house to prove her point. Moreover, the Prosecutors Office at Pasay is under the Secretary’s jurisdiction, she asserted.
This was a clear-cut case displaying a conflict of interest while proving the allegations of a conspiracy against me.
She told him that his game was up and everyone knows the facts now. By foisting fake cases against others, you have defiled the high office you held.
However, Aguirre stood firm in his allegations of contravention of the wiretapping laws under the Republic Act 4200. He contended that the breach of his privacy was the only vital issue here.
Therefore, it nullifies the cell phone conversation since the means of obtaining it were foul which renders them inadmissible. Thus, as per the constitution, the illegal route renders the conversation unusable in a legal platform, Aguirre concluded.
He totally refused to comment on the mentioned conversation because he didn’t want to even consider it as significant. He wanted Hontiveros to identify the photographer who took photocopies of the text messages.
In addition, the Justice Secretary informed that he had launched an ethics case against her. This was further to filing a criminal case against Hontiveros before the Pasay Prosecutor’s Office,
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Umrao Singh
Written for: Lars-Magnus Carlsson.
Monday, October 02, 2017