US dares North Korea with mission inDMZ. Deepest foray near North Korean border. Treasury powers enhanced to ban defaulters.

North Korea defiant.

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The tensions between the United States and North Korea are not showing any sign of abating. In fact, the two nations are going on escalating the tensions by making provocative overtures on a daily basis.
The American Air force chose Saturday to display its superior air power in a move that was clearly provocative. They flew their aircraft to a point where no American Aircrafts had ventured in this century.

The United States flew its military bombers escorted by fighter jets North of the demilitarized zone. Flights by U.S. military had ventured North on the Korean peninsula.
But, no American plane had flown so far.

This massive show of strength sent a message to North Korea to give up its reckless defiance.

Dana White, spokesperson for the Department of Defense of the United States conveyed that President Trump ordered this demonstration. It was a message to convey to the North Korean leadership that the US meant business.

It was a warning that the US is prepared to go to any length to terminate its nuclear weapons program. Moreover, it would use the combined resources of all its alliance partners if the rogue state did not comply.

Their weapons program is a potent threat to the entire world particularly the Asia Pacific region. North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un had promised to make Trump pay dearly for his threats.

The US President had promised to annihilate North Korea in case of an invasion by North Korea. Whether it is the US or its allies, if the North Koreans forced US into war, the US will totally destroy North Korea.

Last week, the North Korean Foreign Minister threatened to launch a most devastating Hydrogen Bomb in the Pacific. Furthermore, the North Koreans boast of a missile that can hit any part of United States.

Donald Trump declared that he would not allow such an eventuality.

The US Pacific Command could not provide specific details about the last mission but confirmed that the mission went deepest into the demilitarized zone. However, the Foreign Minister of North Korea was not cowed down even at the United Nations.

Ri Hong Yo told the assembly that their nation’s nuclear program was a deterrent for the war-mongering US. In fact, they were the balancing force to the might of America.

Our ultimate goal is to achieve parity with the United States so that we maintain the balance of power. He taunted Trump who calls Kim as Rocketman.

This might be the motivation for North Korean missiles to reach mainland USA, Yo said. However, Trump continued his tirade against Kim Jong Un. Calling him a madman, he criticized Kim for spending on nuclear weapons and missiles while his people starved.

He predicted that the Rocket man and his rockets will not survive for long. In addition, he imposed on Thursday, another set of crippling sanctions against the poverty-stricken nation. In addition, Trump punished foreign businesses that dealt with Pyongyang.

Insulting rhetoric continued from both sides while the rest of the world took sides. Trump last week called Kim a Rocket man bent on suicide. In reply, Kim stated that Trump was deranged.

In order to tighten the stranglehold on the firms that conducted business with North Korea, Trump provided sweeping powers to the Treasury officials to regulate financial dealings with Pyongyang.

Those that did business with Pyongyang would face a ban and be debarred from the US financial system. China may also impose sanctions on Pyongyang but confirmation is not readily available.

If it happens, the isolation of North Korea will be absolute since China is the main trading partner. China provides the vital connection between North Korea and the banking systems of the world.

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Umrao Singh
Written for: Lars-Magnus Carlsson.
Monday, September 25, 2017