Duterte invites UN Human Rights Commission. Please set up satellite office in PH. Wear body cameras during police operations.

UN Human Rights body invited.

PICS: Inquirer.net

PICS: Inquirer.net

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In the Philippines, everyone wanted him to solve the problem of drugs; so, they poured out their votes for Duterte. But, the problem would not vanish by just wishing it away. Harsh steps could make an impact was the thinking of the people including the police.
But, when the administration and its police forces acted, they probably overdid it. But, we cannot say for sure; that is the job of specialist agencies like the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC).
However, President Rodrigo Duterte renewed his call to the United Nations agency with a slight difference. The last call was conditional since he demanded the right to cross examine the UN Rapporteur after the visit.
That interaction was tense due to Duterte’s remarks against Obama, the US and the UN. Moreover, the allegations against the President of the Philippines were unfounded and biased.
However, the proposal is different this time around. The President offered to provide facilities for opening a satellite office of UNHRC so that they may see for themselves. With a presence here, they can keep a constant watch on the activities of the police and other government agencies.
He revealed his intention last Friday after attending the wake of SPO1 Junior Hilario. The cop from Caloocan perished during an anti-drugs raid last Friday. The government would facilitate the movement of the UNHRC teams to travel alongside police personnel while also traveling on their own.
In addition, they will have to wear cameras so that there is no ambiguity or misrepresentation from either side. It so happened that any incident of this nature is projected as a result of the war against illegal drugs.
The budget for the CHR, amounting to P678 million, will be used to buy body cameras for the cops. These cameras are meant to provide proof about their activities.
The idea is to provide proof of the true activities; but, it is up to the house, he said.
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Umrao Singh
Written for: Lars-Magnus Carlsson.
Monday, September 18, 2017