United States maintaining supplies in Marawi. Counterterrorism equipment, munitions supplied. Rockets and Rocket motors arrive in time.

United States keeps its promised supplies,

PICS: CNBC and US embassy

PICS: CNBC and US embassy

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Ever since Rodrigo Duterte assumed office as the President of the Philippines, the relationship with the United States has changed to some extent.
As a matter of fact, the trouble started immediately after immediately after ITLOS issued its judgment on the age-old dispute. As a result, the tribunal denied almost all claims by China. Moreover, it awarded many of the disputed territories to the Philippines.
Observers thought that Duterte would gloat over the victory but Duterte is different. Instead of enforcing his country’s claim over the awarded structures, Duterte extended a hand of friendship towards China.
He also launched a verbal attack on the United States and threatened to withdraw from the alliance. In fact, he used his customary abusive language against President Obama. Consequently, Obama withdrew from a meeting with President Duterte.
As a result of the caustic tongue of President Duterte, the military alliance between the two nations almost fell through. Moreover, President Duterte continued his raving and ranting on the option of breaking the alliance.
But, the realities of global facts prevailed on both countries prompting a return to the alliance.
Hence, when Islamists invaded Marawi, United States made a move to provide logistical support. The US armed forces were everywhere supervising the background.
The United States personnel control the counterterrorism operations against the entrenched Maute, ASG and Islamic State.
Now, the US has provided rockets to the AFP for effective assaults on the hidden enemy. Officials the Joint United States Military Assistance Group (JUSMAG) provided 992 pieces of 2.75 inch rockets to the Philippines Air Force.

A Filipino C-30 transport plane flew the US rockets in from the US. Rockets and rocket motors formed part of the consignment that came through the Mutual Logistics Support Agreement (MLSA).

AFP sources expressed satisfaction that the United States had delivered the ammunition and accessories on time. The AFP was short of militarily hardware for such an operation.

Consequently, this consignment will empower AFP in its ongoing fight against the Islamists. Soldiers will be able to conduct effective assaults on the enemy positions.

We will conduct more such transfers in the days to come under both MLSA and the security assistance program. Furthermore, we reserve selected military equipment and munitions for close allies of the US, the US embassy clarified.

Future deliveries include M203 grenade launchers (1000 nos.) and rocket-propelled grenade launchers (250).

As a long-term ally, United States ensures frequent upgrades to the military equipment and munitions. This way, the Philippines can conduct effective counterterrorism operations.

Modernization of hardware is an ongoing process, the US embassy asserted.
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Umrao Singh
Written for: Lars-Magnus Carlsson.
Saturday, July 29, 2017