Trillanes demands probe into Duterte admission. Remarks made in jest in speech last year. Lodges complaint with Ombudsman against Duterte.

Trillanes accuses Duterte of Corruption.

PICS: Inquirer .net and

PICS: Inquirer .net and

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Senator Antonio Trillanes IV seems to have an axe to grind with President Rodrigo Duterte. Either that or he just hates corruption irrespective of who practices it.

His latest claim is that Duterte admitted stealing government money. Hence, he demanded expediting of the plunder case against the President.

Surprisingly, he based his demand on a speech that Duterte had made last June. Furthermore, the stated speech before the Philippine Chinese Charitable Association appeared to be in jest.

Trillanes sent an excerpt of this speech to media men to authenticate his contention.

In this speech, he had admitted, albeit jokingly, that he had indulged in corruption. But, while admitting his corrupt ways, he asserted that it was all gone.

Therefore, this speech supported his allegations against the President”s corrupt practices.

The reply

In response to the demand by Trillanes, Presidential Spokesperson Ernesto Abella replied. He laughed away the Senator’s demands as lacking a sense of humor.

Furthermore, Abella expressed surprise that the Senator took seriously remarks made lightheartedly by the President.

However, Trillanes did not refrain from lodging a complaint for corruption against the President of the Philippines. In addition, he averred that the admission was enough ground for expediting the case.

Trillanes has been at it since the Presidential campaign began early last year. He fired the first salvo against Duterte in May 2016 in the form of a plunder case. Unexplained accumulation of wealth was the allegation leveled by the Senator.

He joined Mar Roxas standard-bearer of the Liberal Party in accusing Duterte and his family of corruption. The allegations were of maintaining secret bank accounts into which illegal earnings flowed.

To substantiate the allegations, Trillanes produced documents showing undeclared funds going to these accounts. Furthermore, Duterte was accused of hiring 11000 ghost employees whose wages he pocketed.

He was the Mayor of Davao City in that period.
However, Duterte denies these allegations.
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Umrao Singh
Written for: Lars-Magnus Carlsson.
Tuesday, July 11, 2017