Complaint for Duterte’s impeachment. Alejano accuses him of bribing DDS to kill. Undeclared wealth from ghost appointments.




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The task of governing the Philippines and restoring an orderly way of life is fraught with innumerable dangers. The same people who swear to be patriotic towards their motherland are the reason for its debasement.

1. Drugs: The effect of taking a strong stand against the drug peddlers and the consumers antagonizes most of the citizens. On one side are the spoilt citizens many of whom are addicts to this poison. On the other, we have the uncountable addicts some of whom cannot stay away from drugs.

For the peddlers, drugs provide them a lucrative livelihood that does not need hard work. Anyone with a little clout in the community finds this the easiest source of livelihood and riches. Therefore, the police and community officials are deep into the supply chain that is spoiling the future generations.

The consumers are unable to shake off the habit due to addiction. Whether money is abundant or tight, chucking this habit is difficult for almost all.

2. Crime: Crime and criminals form the anti-social networks of a nation. Due to their illegal activities, they are anti-establishment and virtually at loggerheads with the law and order machinery.

3. Terrorists: This is one area that has been of great concern to the successive governments.

We have:
a. The wily Communists with their armed wing NPA fighting incessantly and indulging in extortion at the highest level terming it as a revolutionary fund and professing to be the saviors of the masses,

b. The more ferocious Abu Sayyaf Group indulges in the kidnappings on the high seas in Southern Philippines. They kidnap seafarers from Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines for large ransoms under fear of beheading.

c. The International opponents: These include the US (an ally) and the UN led by Agnes Callamard. They keep making unsubstantiated accusations against the War on illegal drugs launched by President Duterte, and

d. The opposition parties: Some of the other parties are hell bent on finding fault with everything that the President has initiated. This also includes those who oppose him according to issues that they find violate the norms.

The clamor for his ouster is just starting and there is no way to determine which form it will take.

There is a supermajority in the House of Representatives to back him up but the shape of things to come is uncertain.

But, the Representative from Magdalo has fired the first salvo against the President to seek his impeachment. This former soldier lodged the complaint to the Secretary General of the House of Representatives.

The Secretary General will examine the substance of the complaint and decide whether sufficient grounds exist for impeachment.

He will have to explore the provisions of the law and the Constitution of the Philippines before coming to a conclusion.

The grounds normally admissible for impeachment are as under:
1. Violations of the Constitution,
2. Betrayal of the public trust,
3. High crimes,
4. Graft and corruption, and
5. Bribery.

However, Secretary General will then put up the case to the lower house for ratification. In this house, President Duterte enjoys a remarkable majority comprising his party and its allies.

Hence, that may be a big hurdle to pass.

The allegations levied against the President by Alejano are twofold. The first allegation pertains to the deaths that occurred when he was Mayor of Davao City. He bribed the members of the Davao Death Squads to kill drug peddlers and consumers as alleged.

Thus, Alejano alleges that this was a gross violation of the rule of law and the democratic process.

Furthermore, the second allegation pertains to graft and corruption. He amassed illegal wealth by showing fake recruitment of ghost employees in Davao City administration.

He did not declare this wealth in his Statement of Assets and Liabilities which is mandatory for holding public office. Proof of these bank accounts was available, he claimed.

Thus, President Duterte amassed P2.2 billion which remains undeclared even today, Alejano stated.

Consequently, he had also attacked Duterte as surrendering Filipino interests to the Chinese in exchange for sweet deals. These sweet deals included loans and foreign investments, he alleged.

Moreover, he also decried the lack of transparency in the President’s dealings with China and others.

In addition, even in the case of Benham Rise he blamed the President of treason since he surrendered Filipino territory.

In conclusion, he remarked, Treason is an impeachable offence as per law.
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Umrao Singh
Written for: Lars-Magnus Carlsson
Thursday, March 16, 2017