Wildfires rage in the United States and Canada. Massive rescue efforts underway to save forests. Aerial spraying and evacuations on war footing .

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Wildfires begin.
b28757ea24564fb7ba0aeb24a9999237_18The conservation of forests and natural resources is a monumental task requiring commitment of billions annually. While it requires only a careless or deliberate spark to reduce massive rain forests to ashes, recreation takes ages.

It is an annual phenomenon in countries that have been able to conserve their natural resources. Woods catch fire particularly during summer undoing the conservation efforts of nations.

The fiery wildfires engulfed the thickly wooded forests of the United States razing everything in their path. Apart from destroying homes, they forced residents to flee causing immense losses.

The current wildfires entrapped a California campground along with the counselors and children though temporarily.

British Columbia

This Canadian province has more than 200 wildfires that burnt down all that stood in their path. The destroyed properties include:
• Two airport hangars, and
• Several structures including residential properties and farms.

Firefighting services remain stretched to the limit to control the spread of the flames. The size of the wildfires is between 14 to 20 square kilometers (5 to 8 square miles).

Prime Minister Christy Clark addressed reporters in Kamloops. He stated that the worst period of wildfires was approaching. Hence, the attention was on the weather, the winds and the rains, he said.

But, this season was very tough as per Rob Schweizer, manager of the Kamloops Fire Center. In addition, the last 24 hours had been hectic due to unprecedented displacement of residents, he said.


Conditions were similar in Northern California. A wildfire consumed the grassy foothills of the Sierra Nevada. It endangered many structures including 800 homes. Evacuation of residents is progressing on a war footing.

California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection informed that containment efforts are in full swing 60 miles north of Sacramento. The 18 km (7 miles) blaze is partially controlled.

Mary Ann Aldrich, spokesperson for the file department informed that the fires were advancing. However, the firefighters were busy and don’t have time to assess the damage.

The heat and the winds pose a formidable challenge that the fire services are sometimes unequal to, Aldrich stated. We cannot control it in the next few days, she said.

A dam damaged by incessant rains is 16 kilometers (10 miles) away; 200,000 residents fled the area.


Two fires exploding in size at separate ends of Santa Barbara County sent Southern California residents and campers scurrying. The blazes destroyed several properties and a highway was closed on Sunday.

One of these blazes expanded to 31 square kilometers (10 square miles) over a mountain towards coastal Goleta. County fire Capt. Dave Zaniboni revealed plans to employ air tankers to prevent their advance.

However, the efforts having failed, the authorities shut down State Route 154. 20 structures perished in the flames and it may take a few days to reopen the route.

A number of people spent the night in Red Cross shelters. Most of the people witnessed the orange and black scenes with horror.


Firefighters have also been battling wildfires in areas such as :
• Colorado,
• Rural Arizona,
• Dudleyville, about 100 miles (160 kilometers) southeast of Phoenix,
• Near Summer Lake in south-central Oregon, and
• In Nevada, fire officials have ordered evacuations for an approaching wildfire.

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Umrao Singh
Written for: Lars-Magnus Carlsson.
Monday, July 10, 2017