Sison cautions Duterte on extending Martial Law. Don’t use NPA attacks as excuse.

Sison issues warning.

PICS:Davao Today and

PICS:Davao Today and

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It is quite surprising that the Communists want to continue plundering and killing but don’t want Martial Law. What they don’t realize is that Martial Law is the natural reaction of a desperate regime to their unlawful activities.

It amazes ordinary folk that their activities only help their younger set of killers and extortionists.

Yet, they use their rights to demand the guarantees like other lawful citizens.

Jose Maria Sison, the founder of the Communist Party of the Philippines criticized the government on Thursday. He accused the government of adopting mass murders and Martial Law as solutions.

Sison also exhorted President Duterte not to use the attacks by NPA as an excuse for extending Martial Law. Thus, he knows that his followers are doing wrong and may suffer the consequences.

The exiled leader responsible for killings and extortions did not offer any peaceful solution. In addition, Sison likened Duterte’s Martial Law to that of Marcos.

Thus, he sought to raise the bogey of past atrocities to convince his countrymen of Duterte’s evil intentions. Accusing the President of planning to impose Martial Law nationwide, he claimed that NPA was a scapegoat.
Marcos had adopted the same strategy, he claimed.

However, Sison may try to portray himself as a messiah; he conveniently forgets the misery he creates from afar. His followers in NPA are continuing their murderous attacks on security forces while he pretends to talk peace.

The incident at Arakan, North Cotabato province is fresh in the minds of all. This incident forced the government to cancel the peace talks. Furthermore, the government also severed the back-channel interaction which conveys a measure of their anger.

In addition, Solicitor General Jose Calida ordered his lawyers to get paroles and temporary liberty cancelled. This includes the peace negotiators who were freed to participate in the peace talks.

Moreover, the reds always go back on their words and continue their violent unprovoked attacks while pretending to negotiate. The attack on the Presidential Security Group (PSG) proved that the NPA would stop at nothing.

NPA ambushers were not aware that President Duterte was not traveling in the Presidential vehicles. This reveals the deadly intentions of the activists who speak of justice and equality.

In two other attacks in Pallawan Province, the NPA killed two Marines while wounding another. But, government forces killed a rebel fighter in another clash in Camarines Sur province on Wednesday.

Broken promise

Forgetting the innumerable times that the communists reneged on their word, Sison blamed Duterte of the same.

He stated that Duterte had broken his promises on the following issues:
• his promise of alliance with the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) on:
a. Land reforms,
b. Democracy,
c. National Independence,
d. Independent Foreign Policy, and
e. National industrialization.

However, he refused to answer when asked if he wanted an alliance with President Duterte. That’s how foxy the communist party’s founder actually is.

Then why decry Duterte not forming a successful alliance?

However, Sison declined to discuss whether the NDFP would pursue an alliance with Mr. Duterte.

The NDFP panel, apart from Sison, included select political and legal consultants. He also warned that if the peace talks did not continue, they had no option but to prolong the armed struggle. The communist leader did mask the threat behind his words.

It was amazing how he placed the responsibility for peace only on the government when his rebels were attacking.

‘Obsessed’ with martial law

Sison said that peace can be achieved if there were no mass murders or Martial Law. He criticized the United States and the Duterte administration for thinking that Martial Law gave them an upper hand.

He lamented that even Marcos, who was more powerful than Duterte, could not overshadow the NPA. The rebels were not as strong and organized as they are today, he asserted. The Bangsamoro and the NPA are better equipped, skillful and resourceful than they were in 1972.

Hence, Duterte cannot think of eradicating thousands of revolutionary in a short time, he concluded.

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Umrao Singh
Written for: Lars-Magnus Carlsson.
Friday, July 21, 2017