Lacson pledges continued support for Duterte. Duterte is different from other politicians. Dares to adopt strategies that others would avoid.

Lacson likes Duterte’s style of functioning.

PICS : and Wikipedia

PICS : and Wikipedia

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It is a universal phenomenon that people like Duterte are quite unpopular with the polished diplomatic jet set. However, it is the bundle of qualities that finally decides whether the person is likeable.

Hence, in spite of the abuses Duterte hurls at the high and mighty of the world, he is well-liked. Therefore, Senator Panfilo Lacson found some endearing positives despite his cussing and unstatesmanlike demeanor.

Therefore, come Tuesday, Senator Lacson openly declared his future support for the unconventional President. The reason for this decision was the same that had the whole nation vouching for him. Duterte has a unique approach to most of the problems; one that solves the problem decisively.

And, if normal methods fail, so be it; Duterte knows what will work. People may frown on his unconventional solutions but, the end justifies the means. It was this strategy that was closer to the hearts of the suffering masses.
Moreover, they also saw the results of his efforts in Davao City. Transforming a city of vices to one of the top 5 cities in the world was no mean feat. Yet, the support of the people, albeit anonymous, did the job for him.

In effect, Duterte was not the usual type of politician that you met daily. He was the common man’s answer to his suffering. He had his ears to the ground. Therefore, he understood the real issues and their background too well.

Moreover, he was sympathetic to most of the causes of rebellion since he understood. However, he could reverse his initiative once he failed to get a matching response.

Having realized that Duterte was not an ordinary person and different from the run-of-the-mill politicians, Lacson threw in his hat. He announced that he would support all programs of President Duterte.

This was a remarkable statement considering that Senator Antonio Trillanes IV had criticized Duterte just a day earlier. In a scathing attack on Duterte’s state of the nation, (SONA), Trillanes described as sycophants and gullible folks.

That did not dissuade Senator Lacson from going ahead with throwing in his lot with his President. His opinion was that Trillanes is entitled to his own take on issues of national importance.

Duterte had underlined the need for introducing important legislation. His emphasis was more on the proposed tax reform package. The proposed package remains in the Senate after approval from the House of Representatives.

Lacson explained the reason for his affinity for Duterte. Duterte never shied away from doing the right thing; he took personal risks to achieve what his nation required.

Hence, he remains unique in his approach and dares to differ from other leaders. That is why Duterte is the harbinger of the revolutionary changes that this nation requires.

His stand on certain issues separates him from his predecessors and contemporaries. Consequently, if change has to come, it will be under Duterte’s tenure, Lacson said.

Lacson suggested that an increase in taxes has to correlate to expenditures. In the alternative, the government’s ability to spend should form the basis to collect taxes.

Thus, the government should spend to justify the collection of taxes. Hence, efficient spending was a must for the government.
Even under the Duterte regime the under-spending was to the tune of half a Trillion Pesos, Lacson reminded.

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Umrao Singh
Written for: Lars-Magnus Carlsson.
Wednesday, July 26, 2017