Leni denies being member of #TindigPilipina. Politicians should not involve in mass movements. Motives may be attributed.

Leni stays away from controversytind

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The Vice President Leni Robredo believes that it is better to keep doubts away particularly if you are a politician. Moreover, as a politician, you need to be extra careful in every action of yours. More so, when any issue has controversy in it, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Consequently, she considered it appropriate to issue a clarification that she was not a member of TindigPilipinas. This clarification became necessary since the Vice President shared the stage with members of the opposition. She had gone to the meeting as the Chairperson of the Liberal Party.

There were quite a few members owing allegiance to the TindigPilipinas that might have conveyed the wrong impression.

TindigPilipinas is a motley group of the detractors of President Duterte. They have been pressing Duterte about the secret bank accounts where he allegedly stashed billions.

The meeting on September 21 was to protest against the extrajudicial killings during the Duterte rule. The imposition and extension of martial law also became a bone of contention.

Such movements are civilian movements and the involvement of politicians should not be there. Motives are attributed the moment a politician gets involved,.

Furthermore, she asserted that those in office cannot appear biased in any way. Malicious allegations arise leading to the true issues get sidetracked.

Moreover, politicians tend to queer the pitch since they have their own motives and agendas. Even if there is no such thing, it is very difficult to stop allegations.

The opposition parties are on their toes looking to put down President Duterte. The Sign or Resign campaign ls also the campaign of the TindigPilipinas who challenge Duterte.

Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV, President Duterte had offered to resign if he proved allegations against him.

Trillanes accused Duterte that he had secret bank accounts storing billions of pesos which were ill-gotten. Duterte disputed his claims; Trillanes countered by challenging him to sign a waiver for his banks to reveal his accounts.

Duterte stated that he had already signed a waiver but Trillanes did not accept it. Then, the President stated that Trillanes should look for evidence on his own.

But, the #TindigPilipinas keeps asserting that this is not a laughing matter. The Ombudsman is looking into the matter and he will have to answer. He may try all the tactics at his disposal but the truth will emerge.

The President will have to answer as to where the billions came from. This was necessary because he stood on the plank of anticorruption, anticrime and antidrug.

Therefore, it is imperative that you explain as to how and where you earned those billions, the group questioned.

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Umrao Singh
Written for: Lars-Magnus Carlsson.
Thursday, September 28, 2017