Mark Anthony arrested after filmy chase – Tests positive for Marijuana :: 1 Kg seized

Mark Anthony arrested for testing positive for marijuana.

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What does a retired matinee idol do after retirement? There could be a million answers to that since there are so many pursuits that are close to the heart of all.

However, there is a general belief in the minds of the populace that, when a person tastes success on an unprecedented scale with money in such an abundance that he does not know what to do with it, bad habits are bound to creep in.

The main reason for this is the fast paced life with a high level of glamour and exposure to the uncaring, lavish lifestyle of the rich and famous that has a very big role for all sorts of intoxicants and drugs most of which cannot be afforded by the common man.
Therefore, it was not a big surprise when the former matinee idol Mark Anthony Fernandez landed in the drugs dragnet.

Filmy chase

It was stated by the police that the former star tried to slip past a police cordon on Monday night at about 8:30 PM in Pampanga province.
This led to a filmy chase in which the police tried to make him stop but the former hero did not pay any heed to the police warnings. With no other way of stopping him, the police officials had to resort to shooting the tires of his car.

The matinee idol of yore was taken to the city of San Fernando and his vehicle was searched. The San Fernando Police found him in possession of one kilo of Marijuana and placed him under arrest.
Consequent to the haul of Marijuana, he was subjected to the mandatory tests. The test for Shabu was negative but the one for Marijuana was positive. The former actor is currently in police custody at the Station 6 of the Angeles city.

A drug test is scheduled to be conducted on him on Tuesday. His blood samples contained THC-metobites which are found in Marijuana and which come under dangerous drugs.
Past history
The former matinee idol has history of drugs usage and was even in rehabilitation during 2004. It was his one year’s supply he claimed and that he consumes it to avoid Cancer.

Mark Anthony may be charged under the provisions of the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act, for violation of sections 5, 11 and 15, the police sources informed.

The case is scheduled for arraignment on October 24.

Umrao singh

Saturday, 08 October 2016
Written for: Lars-Magnus Carlsson