The China visit and the storm :: P700 billion investments promised by China

China visit brings investments.

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PICS courtesy

While President Duterte was on his exploratory state visit to the newly-formed friendship with the Chinese, there were quite a few storms blowing physically and metaphorically.

The Metaphorical Storm

The whole China visit was being watched quite closely by the US and other western powers that had quite an important stake in the developments that were taking place at mainland China where Beijing and Manila were trying their utmost best to forge a mutually beneficial alliance of sorts.

While, technically speaking, the Philippines is still an ally of the United States, a lot of water has flown under the bridge. The westerners hate the guts of the current President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte who cares two hoots for the financial or military supremacy of his allies.

The Filipino President is incensed with his country’s allies stating that they have only taken advantage of his poor impoverished nation just to get access to this region through building military bases in the neighborhood of China.

The United States has been using its riches and its might to ensure its domination all over the world. Most of the disputes see the money and the armaments of the United States being used by both the sides in a dispute.

The United States has always been accused of following its own agenda and has more often than not been accused of being selfish in the extreme. The view of the Filipino strongman is also the same.

Duterte blames its ally, the US of not doing enough to help its poor ally.

The visit was quite cordial and encouraging both for China and the Philippines since their love affair was just beginning after a long period of hostile confrontations due to the expansionist attitude of the Chinese who have been bullying the regional countries who are unable to face them with any conviction.

The efforts at appearing amicable and content were quite controlled since they knew they were being watched quite closely

The real storm

The real storm that goes by the name of Lawin is a supertyphoon that struck on Wednesday and Thursday and carried away with the happiness of thousands of people of the Cagayan Valley, the Ilocos and the Cordillera regions.

It was accompanied by winds with top speeds of more than 300 Kph causing utter devastation of the residential houses and wiping away vast tracts of cultivated land damaging the crops that were totally destroyed.

The government was represented by the President himself when he reached out to the affected people of the devastated areas.

The President took a swipe at the previous Aquino administration stating that before relinquishing charge, they had consumed half of the budget meant for the year 2016.

To meet the emergency eeds of those affected Mr. Duterte went personally to address the displaced and allocated P32.819 million worth of material that consisted of:
1. 3,500 bags of certified corn seeds,
2. certified rice seeds, and
3. 1,004 kg of vegetable seeds
4. 1.4 million bags of rice were also distributed in Cagayan as emergency aid.

Addressing those present, the President was emphatic that the administration had the required funding to support the affected.

He went on to say that the Chinese aid was a big help and any profits and benefits will be passed on in an equitable manner to those who were suffering. He also assured the province that there will not be any discrimination on any basis whatsoever.

His administration’s resources would never be used in a partial manner, he promised. It was his intention, he declared to utilize the money that would be generated through the Chinese investments that would be to the tune of $13 billion to $14 billion.

In local currency, the investments would add up to more than P700 billion which would be a big relief if provided early, he explained.

Modern methods of farming

He promised the backward provinces that a sizeable amount of the earnings and utilize them for the benefit of this region.

He had an idea to develop mechanized farming so that the farmers can take advantage of modern farming techniques; the distribution will be equal for all provinces, he said.

Whether you are a Moro or a Visayan, you will enjoy the same benefits and treatment without fail, he assured.

The President exhorted the people to pray that his Japan visit also fetches some financial help; when he goes to Japan on October 25th he would be happy to strike some lucrative deals.

He went on to declare that he was not seeking handouts from any nation; the investments or the money was in the form of soft loans and would be repayable on easy terms of 25 years. Thus, they were more like a donation, he added.

Umrao singh

Monday, 24 October 2016
Written for: Lars-Magnus Carlsson