Yasay Perfecto rejected as Foreign Secretary by Commission Appointments. Lied last year about his American citizenship. Enrique Manalo, Undersecretary DFA is now acting FS.

Yasay Perfecto rejected.

PICS: Wikipedia and smithrise.com

PICS: Wikipedia and smithrise.com

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In a stunning turn of events, the Foreign Affairs Secretary Perfecto Yasay Jr. was caught on the wrong foot and was removed from his post. His opponents were able to convince the Commission Appointments (CA) that he lied regarding his American citizenship.

Once it became known he had lied about his American citizenship, his rejection was a given. Consequent to his rejection, President Duterte did not have any other option. He was the first casualty by the CA in President Duterte’s government.
All appointments to sensitive positions require the approval of the powerful Commission Appointments (CA). That is a constitutional requirement.
Thus, the country’s top diplomat had to leave his post while vehemently denying that he had lied. He kept on repeating that he was not at fault; it was the handiwork of his detractors.

He did stand up to all difficulties and tribulations that the government faced. Yasay stated in the end that he had faithfully performed the duties responsibly and with dedication.

He wrote on facebook on Thursday that he performed his duties with fairness, honor and dignity.

He accused his political opponents of framing him even though he did not lie to the CA. In fact, he quoted a friend who told him that politicians accuse someone, they are generally lying.

Since his conscience was clear, he was not perturbed, he said.

The crux of the matter rested on a February hearing in which he had deposed that he had never gained the citizenship of the United States. In addition, he had also replied that he had never held a US Passport.

But, the detractors of the Ex Foreign Secretary managed to get hold of documents that proved the granting of American citizenship to him in 1986. Furthermore, he had surrendered his citizenship in June last year. This was timed just two days before the swearing in of the Duterte government on June 30 2016.

On that day, the President appointed him to the coveted post of Secretary Foreign Affairs.

He was not especially perturbed and jovially remarked that after rejection he was heading for a better life. Being able to spend more time with his family was a big opportunity for happiness and quality time.

However, he was not bitter towards those who got him rejected by the CA. He admitted that the institution of democracy had these checks and balances that were vital to its functioning.

The former FS admitted that he may not have pleased all during his tenure as Foreign Secretary but that was not mandatory. He expressed confidence that the almighty, probably, has greater plans for him.

As a result of his rejection, the President entrusted the charge of the post to Enrique Manalo, Undersecretary DFA as acting secretary.

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Umrao Singh
Written for: Lars-Magnus Carlsson
Thursday, 09 March 2017