How to increase sales leads for B2B and B2C. Content is now an integral part of ecommerce. Blogs and promotions have come to stay.

Sales leads’ augmetation.



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Gone are the days when business and commerce was still at the basic level; but the ingenuity of man knows no limits. That is why business is such a complex and vast subject.

Well-crafted content for B2B and B2C

There was a time when content was not an important issue; more importance was attributed to the practical aspects of ecommerce and but the digital revolution coupled with the globalization of the internet has thrown up unprecedented challenges to the management of content.

But, the businesses are slowly waking up to the importance of engaging in your interactions with the consumers and other businesses through properly crafted content which is of late started getting the required importance as a vital tool of the trade. Gone are the days when spending on content was considered wasteful expenditure.

But, the cutthroat competition nowadays has given rise to enormous opportunities for content writers and other craftsmen who are instrumental of providing a professional and competitive edge to your business and its tolls, websites and blogs being considered as weapons in the armory of B2C.
Of blogs and Product descriptions

The content of your blog is also of prime importance in this client-centric age of digital marketing and highly pinpointed targeting campaigns driven by ecommerce insights and experiences.

Having a powerful blog is always an advantage. A well read blog goes a long way in earning a higher ranking across many forums.

Also of vital importance is the craftsmanship of your content writers who have fine-tuned the art of writing product descriptions with the art of SEO friendly terminology to encourage higher number of hits and hence more frequent visitors to the sites with most6 back links and keywords.
The number of hits is bound to increase with the proper placement of keywords and links in the text.

The product descriptions need to be kept constantly updated and rewritten periodically so that it does not have the same stale look and feel. The credibility of your site and products is at stake as also the sales figures which are all dependent on the quality of your marketing content.

It is not a mystery anymore; the triumvirate that drives traffic your way are the three pillars of ecommerce content:
• Search Engine Optimization,
• Blogs, and
• Product descriptions.


Just writing about it in a convincing manner is just part of the ecommerce story; it would be sufficient if your product is one with which customers are familiar; if not, you will need additional tools where you will have to promote your project for familiarization with its properties, functioning and utility value.

The better your content writer, the more advantage you are able to garner. So, the next step would be to educate the potential customers about the various features and advantages that your product gives them. Cost-effectiveness, ease of operations, time saving and convenience need to be highlight through creative content writing or blog postings

The next step evidently will be demonstrating your product through:
• Videos DIYs
• Product guides
• How to videos or
• Demonstrations in prominent malls or markets.

Thus, the above tools help you to increase the conversions for your product.

Product Reviews

These are another vital tool which encourages prospective customers to buy the products that managed to catch the fancy and led to their being mentioned and praised by respectable blogs and commentators.

The latest trend of trying to influence the market is by asking your friends or family to provide a glowing review. This may be considered as dishonesty but the business does get publicity and visibility in the market Biased product reviews reek of attributable motives; however, a seasoned customer will know which reviewer is genuine or concocted.
Case studies
Brand marketing and Brand building
Case studies
Enterprises use case studies to guide potential customers about the strong points of their product. They do so by providing an example of a real customer and his experience with their product.

Such cases apprise and assure the potential and new customers about what the product’s properties ad features are.
These tools uplift the brand and the product in general and the product in particular.

Promotional events / Interactions

These are the latest tools for increasing the familiarity of your brand and product with random members of the public. It involves visits to prominent marketplaces, malls etc where the footfalls of citizens are more.

Companies depute professionals trained in conducting events hold some fun games and entertaining contests while popularizing the brand and the products.
The conducting of such promotional events fulfills the larger aim of interacting with the public and familiarizing the public with the brand and the products. You may call it brand building, business promotion or anything else.

Thus, there is an effort made to attract more people and increase the leads and the conversion.

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Umrao Singh
Written for: Lars-Magnus Carlsson
Wednesday, 31 May 2017