Tips that will help you prevent Cancer. Avoid sunlight, tobacco, carcinogens. Seek immunization, Eat Healthy, Exercise daily.

Cancer can be controlled.

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As the research evolved, so also the information and how to prevent the onset of cancer, though there is no authoritative mode to prevent cancer because every system of medicine advocates its own theories and remedies.
But, what every researcher agrees to is the fact that Cancer is a lifestyle disease meaning that it is your own habits that lead to the advent and development of cancerous cells in your body.
The question that arises now is “How can I save myself from this life-taking disease?”
Well, you can save yourself.
There are a number of things you should keep in mind to prevent the cancerous cells’ formation. This article will inform you about some of them. Keep reading!
Chewing or smoking tobacco or tobacco products like Paan Masala, Khaini and Zarda, are some of the addictive forms which lead to oral Cancer, throat cancer, cancer of the lungs, the kidneys, the bladder, the jaws and the colon. In fact, passive smoking also causes cancer when the level of exposure is high.

We recommend eating a low-calorie and fat-free or low-fat diet with lot of sea food, fruits, vegetable, grains etc. Consume less of saturated and trans-fats, sugars and refined grains. A recent study claims that eating fruits on an empty stomach goes a long way in reducing the possibility of a cancerous growth in your body.

Consume a lot of water and try to reduce the intake of alcohol.

The other common causes of Cancer are:
a. Processed foods,
b. BGH in milk,
c. Pesticides in vegetable, fruits and
d. Non-organic foods.

Physical activity is very important to control obesity, prevent a sedentary life style and provide your body with proper circulation, oxygen while getting rid of toxins and unwanted acids from your body.

Aerobics are highly recommended as they are a regular regimen of exercise and other physical activities. Maintain healthy sleeping habits and modify your sex life to prevent infections.

Though Vitamin D is necessary for the proper growth of the body, we should avoid tanning / sunbathing or do it in a safe manner.

Stay away from the bright sunshine as far as possible; if unavoidable,
i. Cover yourself well with clothes,
ii. Try to stay in the shade as far as possible,
iii. Use a good sunscreen lotion to keep safe from the adverse effects of UV rays and
iv. Avoid all activities that may expose you to Sunlight and excess of radiation.

Seek immunization against viral infections like Hepatitis B, HPV, et cetera. Getting regular check-ups is highly recommended to know what is going on inside your body; or, convey your problems to a qualified medical practitioner.
Pay immediate attention to any unusual growths or infections in your body; get them promptly checked up.

Avoid the use of used syringes and other medical equipment which may contaminate any part of your body.

In this developed world, there are so many other factors that may expose you to the risk of cancer at work, home and even in some medical procedures.

In case there is a history of Cancer in your family, it is imperative to guard yourself from the effects of genetic transmission from a parent.

Get yourself regularly checked up so that if cancer starts developing in your body, you can tackle its growth and stop it in its early stages.

The main thing discovered about Cancer is the fact that it is curable if detected early; hence, regular checkups are highly recommended to obviate the risk of cancer.

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Umrao Singh
Written for: Lars-Magnus Carlsson
Tuesday, March 28, 2017