Chinese Mining Firms Reportedly Smuggles Soil from PH to Build Artificial Islands

This report is unverified, but if this is true, this is the worst thing China can do to the Philippines.

The report says, the National Intelligence Coordinating Agency(NICA) has found out that some Chinese mining firms are smuggling soil and rocks to help build a chain of Chinese islands in the West Philippine Sea.

NICA agents were baffled to found out that besides from the Ore and Nickel that these mining firms are exporting towards China, a large amount of soil and rocks are secretly smuggled then ends up directly in one of the Chinese reclamation islands. The smuggling operation usually happens during the heat of the day as to hide the operation as an ordinary day in the mining area.

It’s quite saddening that the soil and rocks used in building the Chinese islands came from the Philippines. In simple words, the Philippines itself is indirectly contributing in building the islands, to which these islands will be utilize later on as Military bases to solidify and expand the Chinese encroachment of Philippine territories.

These Chinese firms are operating in Palawan, Zambales and Ilocos Sur. The reason for this is that, it’s much closer to get the necessary resources in the Philippines to build the islands than getting the resources in mainland China.

China has undergone ambitious reclamation activities in the West Philippine Sea. China has insisted that they are invoking their historical rights as to the ownership of the whole West Philippine Sea.

Recent reports says China continues its military drill after the UN Council voided China’s claim on Spratly and nearby areas.

/Dick Valiente/



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