Think before adopting pet. Can you make lifestyle changes to adapt? Man sentenced to 5 years for cruelty to canine.

Adopting a pet can be tricky.

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Rearing domestic pets is quite a chore unless one has given it a considerable amount of thought. There are so many aspects requiring consideration before one can take the decision.

You may love pets, but are you prepared to take on the responsibilities associated with such a decision?

The decision can never be taken lightly, it involves the life of the pet as well as your own family members.

The first thing that you need to decide is whether you can afford a pet. Affording a pet does not just refer to the monetary cost of purchasing and maintaining a pet.

It also means that you need to decide whether you want to adjust to life with a pet in your house. Many a family took hasty decisions, adopted a pet, but found that they were not able to carry it forward.

Let me assure you that keeping a pet in the house can involve making drastic lifestyle changes. Hence, it is always advisable to study some households that already have pets before saying I do.

Dogs are a particularly popular choice as far as domestic pets go. They provide fun, company and security too. While their sense of smell is a wonderful asset to security agencies, their services as seeing-eye dogs are outstanding.

Keeping a pet involves quite a few lifestyle changes and duties. Some of them are:
• General: The ideal domestic pet is one which is disciplined, clean and happy. In other words, it should not cast fresh burdens like pooping everywhere in the house, destroying socks, shoes and anything else it can find.
a. Training a dog costs time and money; it needs a professional trainer to give it the required discipline.
b. Cleanliness is your responsibility; otherwise, your pet may end up carrying lice, ticks etc.
c. Pets can also carry harmful diseases or get afflicted themselves. So, if you want to keep a pet, better be prepared to hire a veterinary doctor for regular visits.

• The menace: Pets, particularly dogs, may start biting visitors and even family members which is unacceptable.
• Noise pollution: The barking of dogs can be a source of much annoyance particularly if you are a light sleeper. After working hard and being tired, there is no worse nuisance than a incessantly barking dog. It is enough to send one into a murderous rage.

The above aspects, given here for guidance, are general in nature and are not comprehensive.

Cruelty towards animals

The concept of pets is as old as life itself; the main aim is security or simply the love of the pets. It also happens to be based on the whims and fancies of the dominant species i.e. humans.

However, communities have not developed the fine art of controlling the population of canines. Travel on foot or on a two-wheeler in rural or urban settings.

You will finds thousands of strays running along and snapping at your heels. Cities in countries like India and other third world countries are infested with snarling canines most of them diseased.

No country is able to come up with sound solutions to this vexed problem.

So, here we come up with a case that the Charleston Animal Society reported in 2015. It seems that William Dodson had a pet that used to bark incessantly thereby creating noise pollution.

Caitlyn is a Staffordshire bull terrier that Dodson owned in his South Carolina home. Incensed by the constant barking and unable to do anything about it, he found a physical solution.

He took an electrical tape and wound it around its muzzle to silence the disorderly beast. In order to ensure success, he wound it hard nine times which silenced it effectively.

It would seem that he was undergoing a bad time. Only a day earlier, a federal court sentenced Dodson to 15 years in prison on a charge of gun-running.

That charge stemmed from an earlier traffic stop Dodson still faces state drug charges stemming from the March 2015 traffic stop. He threw out Marijuana, Cocaine and a loaded pistol, along while trying to escape officers of the North Charleston police.

The tape had cut through her muzzle and stopped the flow of blood to her tongue. She required repeated surgeries to rectify the damage.

The quantum of the Friday punishment was the maximum of five years for cruelty to animals.

The authorities found another foster home for Caitlyn though she is still suffering from fear and anxiety.

The two sentences will run concurrently.

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Umrao Singh
Written for: Lars-Magnus Carlsson
Sunday, March 26, 2017