Gerphil Flores Could Be Bigger than Charice

gerphil-flores-semifinal05/08/2015 – Manila | Gerphil Geraldine Flores is a rare specimen of talent. Filipinos are not known in soprano, tenor, and opera music, but Gerphil defy this belief. When she performed “The Impossible Dream” during the Asia’s Got Talent Grand Finals on Thursday, she got another standing ovation from four judges.

I watched all grand finalists and I must say it is really difficult to pick the winner. Everyone did their best but I hope at least one Pinoy wins – and I hope it would be Gerphil.

Whatever will be the result, I hope Gerphil could get a deal with a major recording company. David Foster showed interest on her during the semifinals and I hope he won’t change his mind.

“I would love to get my hands on you”, David Foster said during the semifinals after Geraldine’s rendition of Love Story.

“My golden girl, you know tonight, the song is called impossible dream, you just made a dream possible. You absolutely killed it. I promise you. I promise you. The world is gonna know about you. That’s a promise” David Foster said after Gerphil’s emotional finals performance.

“Gerphil the last time I saw you I said you belong to the best. I was wrong. You belong to the pedestal”, Melanie C said after her emotional performance.

I am a big fan of classical music. Filipinos don’t love classical music, but once they heard Geraldine sing, everything changes.

With a powerful voice and great personality, I hope Geraldine Flores takes home the title. She could be bigger than Charice someday. Charice lost her identity when she announced her sexuality 2 years ago.

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/Fanny Jalacjac/ Assisted Press Manila