Emperador is the World’s Best Selling Brandy


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Selling Emperador Brandy may not be the big reason why Andrew Tan of Emperador Distillers is the 4th richest Filipino, but he is surely making a lot of money out of it.

Emperador Brandy (Gold, Deluxe, and Light) dominated all other Brandy brands in the world since 2012 and never looked back since then.

According to Drink List International, a UK-based Spirit Magazine, Emperador Brandy sold 31 million cases followed by India’s McDowell’s No.1 which sold 10.9 million cases. The disparity is obvious and it’s not even close. Lucio Tan’s Gran Matador came third with 8.8 million sales.

DLI lists the following top 10 best selling Brandy in the world as of August 2014.

  1. Emperador (37m 9-litre cases) includes Gold, Light, and Deluxe – Philippines
  2. McDowell’s No.1 (11.3m) – India
  3. Gran Matador (8.8m) – Philippines
  4. Mansion House Brandy (6.3m) – France
  5. Hennessy (6.2m) – France
  6. Honey Bee (6.0m) – India
  7. E&J Gallo (5.0m) – California, USA
  8. Old Admiral (4.5m) – India
  9. Dreher (4.3m) – Brazil
  10. Martell (2.8m) – France

Although Emperador is marketed only in the Philippines with limited distribution in other Asian and Middle Eastern countries, its popularity is widely observed.

This news, however is unwelcoming to some Filipinos especially those who do not waste their money in drinking. “This only shows that many Filipinos are fond of drinking as we always observe especially during weekends,’ Tomas Curtis told TPP.

“This information is only good for the company who sells the liquor, but not for people who consumes it, especially those who are alcoholic, Annabelle Lat of Pasig said.

Emperador distillers continue to expand its dominance when it purchased Whyte & Mackay and its subsidiaries for 430 million pounds ($729 million). Whyte & Mackay is the world’s fifth-largest maker of Scotch whiskey with annual production capacity of 50 million liters.

In a recent interview with Andrew Tan, production of Emperador will soon be transferred to Spain where the company’s vineyard is located.

Emperador is aiming to dominate third of the world’s brandy demand according to Tan.

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/Fanny Jalacjac/ Assisted Press Manila