Cherry Pie Picache disturbed :: Speaks out against the death Penalty

Cherry pie wants a pro-life policy.


Umrao Singh

In a world full of criminals, drug peddlers, rapists, kidnappers and all sorts of thugs and fraudsters, there are still some people who are too nice to see only the idealistic aspects in life; this can easily be said of Cherry Pie Picache.
She was quite unhappy over the recent attempts by the ruling party and the President to bring in the death penalty that was discarded in the past. To express her dismay, the celebrity screenwriter cum actress came out of her shell and dismissed the members of the government who were sparing no pains to re-introduce the death penalty.
Her Instagram post which was quite lengthy exhorted all concerned not to accept what is being done to propagate the culture of killing that was bound to result in anti-poor and anti-life policies when the question of implementation came up.
In fact, it appeared to her that the people who were interested in the culture of hatred, anger and killing were bent upon introducing the legislation to re-impose the capital punishment on the pretext of ridding the nation of crime, drug-peddling etc.
Her other grouse was that they were all rushing in to amend the legislation only because it happened to be one of the poll promises of the President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte.
To her mind, the Church leaders and Bishops should take the lead in fighting this culture of killing that was likely to grip the nation and result in victimization of the poor; she requested the Bishops to stand up and take a firmer stand on this issue so that the members of the Congress can be persuaded to give it up.
She likened this step to the anti-life measures like the Reproductive Health Law; she was aware that there are people taking a stand and speaking out against the death penalty but they were badly outnumbered.
She even mentioned that the dignity of life and its sanctity should not be sacrificed at any cost; surely, there were other means to stop the lawlessness that had been allowed to become the first nature of the people of the Philippines, she added.
She supported the statement of her colleague Agot Isidro who had earlier lashed out at President Rodrigo Duterte for his gory war on drugs; she also stated that death and executions are not the means to stop anything.

She supported the decision of the judiciary to grant reclusion perpetua to her mother’s killer, who had murdered her mother after robbing her; that was her belief in the pro-life approach.
Written for: Lars-Magnus Carlsson Thursday, 08 December 2016